EXCLUSIVE: “8th Man was part Putin-Bush ‘Oligarch’s Ball’


When Russian Irakly “Ike” Kaveladze became the eighth and last participant identified last week attending Donald Trump Jr.’s June 2016 meeting with Russians in Trump Tower, many wondered if there might be a reason he’d been fingered last.

Turns out, there is. His “legend,” or cover story, cannot withstand close scrutiny. Kaveladze’s lawyer Scott Balber said last week his client attended the Trump Junior meeting with the Russians “just to make sure it happened.”

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘8th Man’ in mystery purchase of U.S. Mining Co.

It’s been widely reported that Irakly “Ike” Kaveladze, the “8th man” who attended the June 2016 meeting where Donald Trump Jr. was promised dirt on Hillary Clinton, had years earlier laundered $800 million through Citibank.

What’s remained unknown until now is that Citibank ALSO loaned the exact same amount, $800 million, to Kaveladze’s Russian oligarch boss at the time. Continue reading

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GOP operative soliciting Russian hackers was bagman for ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’


The GOP operative leading a team looking for Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 missing emails—the same ones Donald Trump had publicly implored Russia to find—was active as a Republican bagman in what Hillary Clinton famously called the “vast right-wing conspiracy” during the Bill Clinton-era Troopergate sex scandals.

Chicago financier and leading GOP donor Peter W. Smith last year launched a well-funded quest for Clinton’s missing emails, according to a pair of stories by Shane Harris in the Wall Street Journal.  Continue reading

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Trump, Khashoggi, & Germany’s Criminal Deutsche Bank


It is public knowledge that two well-known customers of Deutsche Bank have deals considered sensitive to scrutiny. One is Donald Trump.

The other is—or was— Adnan Khashoggi.

The death of Saudi arms dealer and CIA fixer Adnan Khashoggi in London two weeks ago reminds the world again about Adnan Khashoggi’s rich history with fellow Palm Beach ‘homie’ Donald Trump. Continue reading

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What You Should Know About Oleg Deripaska

Oleg Deripaska is a name you should know. He’s Paul Manafort Olig-Daddy, tried to turn Montenegro into a Russian colony; is suing the Associated Press, and is a Russian Mobster pretending to be a philanthropist.

When Donald Trump shoved a fellow head of state at last week’s NATO Summit, it was probably not just because he was in the way.

The man Trump grabbed, Dusko Markovic, Premier of Montenegro, not only led his small Balkan nation to ratify membership in NATO, in an historic turn toward the West, but cost Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska a lot of money.

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Meet the Russian Hackers Behind Russia-Gate

A Russia-Gate bombshell per day.  Watergate burglars Gordon Liddy & E. Howard Hunt were already famous by now. So why aren’t the Russian hackers? 

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U.S. Catches Russian Hackers Napping on Vacation

The idea that the Russian hackers who tipped the U.S. election to Trump were victims of a U.S. ‘deep state’ propaganda meme would never have occurred to the genius-level tech-savvy Russian busted for cybercrime recently by U.S. agents.

He just wanted to take a vacation.

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Russian Peter Levashov would have fared better if his wife was a gangster’s moll, who knew when to keep her mouth shut. Instead, she’s a socialite in St. Petersburg, Russia, who told journalists her hacker hubby was busted for “creating a virus linked to Trump winning the election.”

Almost immediately The New York Times began walking the story back.


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Russian Oligarch in Election Probe Linked to Drug Cartel

F44444New evidence indicates that Oleg Deripaska, the Russian billionaire who paid $10 million a year to Paul Manafort between 2004 and 2009, has been in business since 2004 in Guyana with a politically powerful crime family involved in international drug trafficking whose most famous member is a drug pilot who had also been the chief pilot of the owner of the flight school in Venice Florida that taught Mohamed Atta to fly.

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Oleg & Me

Publishing a story called “Oleg & Me” the day after the “Oleg” in question runs a half-page ad in the New York Times ad offering to sue the Associated Press is probably a little foolhardy for someone who’s not even—you know—associated. But it has to be done.


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